The Proteomics platform Strasbourg East offers service activities by leaning on a team experimented of researchers and engineers. It is accommodated and managed by the Laboratory of Bioorganic Mass spectrometry (LSMBO, within the Départment of Analytical Sciences of the Multidisciplinary Hubert Curien institute, UMR 7178;

A quality approach was introduced for several years, which succeeded in one ISO 9001 certification  in June, 2007. This certification includes all the activities of the platform and those of the research laboratory. The platform is certified IBISA.

The platform is opened to all the public and private laboratories
Two types of service are offered :
Projects of research
•  Identification de protéines 
•  Analyses bioinformatiques des données (banques protéiques, génomiques, séquençage de novo)
•  Identification de partenaires de complexes multiprotéiques
•  Caractérisation complète de protéines
•  Caractérisation de modifications post-traductionnelles
•  Etude d’interactions non-covalentes par spectrométrie de masse
•  Offer of Services adapted to the needs of the academic and industrial circles. The platform realizes these services with the most recent techniques on the most successful instruments by high-level specialists
•  Carry out the best possible advice to help them to formulate their request, to prepare their sample for the analysis, to choose the best analytical strategies and to exploit at best the results
•  To develop new innovative methodologies on proteomic to meet the needs of the biology and the chemistry
•  Training within the framework of training course continues (University of Strasbourg)
The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory